About Lizelot

Lizelot de Stigter is a spiritual teacher, using movement meditations and Satsang for transmission.

From early life strong mystical experiences guided her on her spiritual journey, which was mostly about embracing the human form and embodying the Divine.

She has dedicated her life to finding and opening pathways to align the body with the Divine, and to the transmission of the liberated state by directly moving with people and touching them on the level of essence and our shared Being.

She has been working ‘undercover’ as an internationally renowned Tango dancer and teacher.

While teaching, intimately working with about 150 students a week for 20 years, she was deeply investigating how the Divine is moving within us, how masculine and feminine principles are merging in creation. It is the profound and refined study and transmission of true Nataraj, the Dance of Shiva and Shakti.

“Lizelot de Stigter knows and speaks the secret language that connects the body and the universal mysteries. Her expertise comes not from the outside – the mechanical understanding of movement – but from deep within. As a teacher, her passion for embodying the Divine is contagious.”

Shai Tubali – Author, speaker and teacher in the fields of self-evolution and practical philosophy.


New Video on Moving into Unity https://vimeo.com/395799790

Interview in Dutch for ‘ Tijdschrift’ INZICHT artikel Mei 2019: