15-01-2013 Sergio, Amsterdam

Since I started dancing Argentine tango intensively a little more than 4 years ago, I followed numerous lessons and workshops with countless local teachers and remote maestros. I followed many workshops also from Lizelot and hope I can follow many more with her, still. Her way of teaching is unique, as she manages to not only explain relatively complex topics technically, but also make her students truly ‘experience and feel’ and thus incorporate what see teaches. Her balance between dealing with theory and practice is simply perfect. During her workshops, she provides personal attention to all students equally, regardless of the characteristics of the group. Within just a split second, she identifies any hidden root causes of her students’ bottlenecks and efficiently provides effective advise on how to improve the quality of dancing, sustainable  She tailors her programme of workshops so that it matches any special needs of the group, but while flourishing the full potential of all individual students. This is not just my opinion: I have often witnessed my co-students spontaneously expressing their enthusiasm for her didactic method. So, I highly recommend following her workshops, to dancers of any level.


15-01-2013 Monique, Arnhem

“Lizelot teaches with a lot attention to the energy between leader and follower. I have always enjoyed her classes”.


15-01-2013 Floortje, Amsterdam

“Lizelot is a able to explain tango-movements in a poetic way, mixed with a lot technical knowledge of dance.”

“Wij hebben jullie workshops op Texel heel fijn gevonden en veel van geleerd. Nu dansen we veel meer in contact met elkaar”



“You need to be grounded to be able to stretch yourself until you reach El Cielo (the heaven) ” 😉
Workshop with Lizelot was great!!”



“Ook wilde ik je nog laten weten dat ik me heel erg geïnspireerd voel door ’t gene je hebt laten zien en hebt uitgelegd over hoe samen in samenzijn uitdrukking te geven aan de tango!”
“Bij de workshop van Lizelot op het congres 11 jaar Hartcoherentie in onderwijs, GGZ en bedrijfsgezondheidszorg scoorde deze workshop een 9,9 met opmerkingen als:
nieuwe ervaringen opgedaan in de tangobeweging vanuit het hart “zeer inspirerend” vernieuwend en innovatief eigen ervaring was voor mij essentieel”



“Lizelot, many, many thanks for teaching me so kindly and gently! For giving me images I can follow and being such an inspiration to me. Very much looking forward to next time.”

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