Shai Tubali Seminar March

True Self-Acceptance

a seminar with Shai Tubali, march 28-29, 2020, Netherlands

Learning to accept, love and forgive the first and ultimate partner in your life – yourself

The first and essential step of the healing of the heart chakra is learning how to fully embrace and tenderly contain the first “other” in your life. This first step is necessary for you to be able to learn how to receive and give properly.

Why is it so difficult for us to accept ourselves and to love ourselves?

In what way is the heart the only key for self-acceptance?

What is this direct experience of self-acceptance and self-love?

Seminar & Training
with Shai Tubali

Language: English

When: 28th – 29th of March 2020

Time: 10:30 – 18:30

Where: Belmani Center, Weverstraat 30, 6862 DP Oosterbeek, Netherlands

Cost: 250 or € 225,- at registration and payment until 10th of January

Self-acceptance Is one of the most challenging emotional and spiritual processes that we can go through. Quite often we realize that even after a lot of inner work, we still feel that we cannot accept ourselves. We discover that even after years of therapy and healing, we still possess a level of discomfort within ourselves.

Self-criticism and inner judgment do not help in any way for us to relax into the home that it is inside of us. We don’t feel at home with ourselves. In other words, we see ourselves through the eyes of the world and not through the eyes of the heart.

To be able to expand ourselves, as well as to naturally show sensitivity and love towards other people, we of course need to develop self-love and self-acceptance first.

Self-acceptance is possible even though it can appear like a far away dream. We can feel like we always need to fight ourselves and that there is always a need to be in struggle. But this is just a fake belief. The heart doesn’t need this process in order to feel completely comfortable with who we are.

In this seminar, we will utilize various systematic practices, including guided meditations, writing exercises and experimental techniques so that we can actually release this power of the heart.

This power can enable us to blossom and develop true self-confidence that is real and authentic. And it can even lead to love.

You are invited to finally feel at home, to make peace with yourself and to join a profound process of self-acceptance through the mirror of the chakra system.