Tandava for Charity

New TANDAVA video tutorials available for a Charity project

Movement meditations as a preparation for the Tandava

To support the charity project of my dear friend Dr. Raghav Pathak I have made three special tutorials to transmit to you some major secrets of Tandava sacred movement meditation. In these video’s I share preparational movement meditations that will align the body-mind with the Cosmos. Do you want to maintain happiness and bliss regardless of the external circumstances? The movement meditations I will be sharing and transmitting are a beautiful and simple way to open up to the blissful cosmic vibrations at any time. It really is like drinking directly from the source of life. Like bathing in the light of your being.You can use the movements as your own, intimate prayer. To be in touch with your deepest longing of the heart. Just feel it. You don’t need to know what it is exactly you’re searching for. Trust that the cosmos knows, your cosmic nature knows…Your heart knows.

The first video is now available!

To order it you can choose the amount you want to donate for the charity project and pay directly to them: – € 25,- / € 40,- / € 50,-

Please send an email to: info@lizelot.com with a screenshot of your payment and you will receive the downloadlink for the video in return.

With your donation you support the education and health of the children in need, and invest in your own realisation and liberation by learning this wonderful practice for spiritual embodiment.

With gratitude and love,