Tantric Movement Meditations

9 – 10 October – Blisveld – Drempt (NL)

MIU – Moving into Unity, is a beautiful, sensual & spiritual, transformative approach for spiritual embodiment and alignment.

It is enabling us to move in co-creation with the Cosmic energies within and beyond us.

It is aligning our physicality with the divine light of pure consciousness.

We are discovering and unfolding both our feminine and masculine qualities and learn how to manage these energies in our lives and relationships.

Our body becomes more and more refined, both super sensitive and strong.

We will learn how to transmute our physical substances (back) into light and generate unconditional states of bliss.

Besides the unique partner-work Lizelot has developed, and her other universal discoveries of transformative movement she will be transmitting, we will be working with the principles of Tummo (Inner Fire) and Tandava (Movement meditation from Kashmir Tantra Yoga)

Saturday & Sunday, 10 h. – 18 h.

Price: € 210,- Incl. organic vegan lunches

Registration: bliss@healingtango.com

Info: 0031 6 4852 45 41