Tantric Movement Meditations

15 & 16 oktober 2022 – Blisveld – Drempt (NL)

A new opportunity to immerse yourself in this blissful and transformative journey.

Weekend seminar “Moving into Unity – Tantric Movement Meditations” Lizelot will take you on a blissful and transformative journey in which you will discover and develop your capacity to dance with the Cosmic energies, and to liberate yourself from conditioning and traces of suffering in the body-mind.

Much of this non-duality body work is inspired by Tibetan Tantra, Kashmir Tantra Yoga, and other non-dual teachings.


“There is this quote of Ramana Maharshi which reflects much of my inspiration and motivation to invent ways to align the physical body – which can be seen as the most dense aspect of our being – with the highest light of Consciousness, the Source itself or the Self:

He said:

“The only things that are real are the body and pure Consciousness, or absolute Reality. In between these two the ‘I-thought’ arises.”

This means that the body in its purity is one with its spiritual essence. But all confusions about this, and ignorance – in the sense that we have lost consciousness of this unity – arise in between these two as a sense of separation and identification with a seemingly separate self.

When I realised this constellation in my own experience I became passionate about finding ways to re-align the body directly with pure Consciousness.”

MIU – Moving into Unity, is a beautiful, sensual & spiritual, transformative approach for spiritual embodiment and alignment.

It is enabling us to move in co-creation with the Cosmic energies within and beyond us.

It is aligning our physicality with the divine light of pure consciousness.

We are discovering and unfolding both our feminine and masculine qualities and learn how to manage these energies in our lives and relationships.

Our body becomes more and more refined, both super sensitive and strong.

We will learn how to transmute our physical substances (back) into light and generate unconditional states of bliss.

Besides the unique partner-work Lizelot has developed, and her other universal discoveries of transformative movement she will be transmitting, we will be working with the principles of Tummo (Inner Fire) and Tandava (Movement meditation from Kashmir Tantra Yoga)

Saturday & Sunday, 10 h. – 18 h.

Price: € 240,- Including organic vegetarian lunch.

You can register alone or with a partner.

Registration: bliss@healingtango.com

Info: 0031 6 4852 45 41