For a personal approach, if you wish to go truly deep into yourself, to align body, mind and spirit, for your relation with the world and on your spiritual quest. The individual sessions Lizelot offers contain a wide range of coaching techniques depending on what is requiered. The main aspect of Lizelot her work is to help you to fully embody, incarnate your being, and through that, being able to grow and blossom in life. This is mainly done through movement and understanding of essential spiritual knowledge.


Many couples face some challenges in relating to one another, whether it is a personal intimate relationship, a dance couple or business relationship, often the same principles are at work, and can be easily revealed through Lizelot her method. Others are planning to perform a dance at an event, and ask Lizleot for assisting with choreography and/or styling.


Lizelot has an excellent skill for working with groups. Having experienced 150-200 students a week in her life as a Tango teacher, she has a great way with, and understanding of group dynamics. Besides the fact that it can be a lot of fun working with a group, it also holds the treasures of becoming aware of the forces that are at work in your group and it has a unifying quality to it. Nowadays Lizelot offers her Moving into Unity (MIU) work at Seminars, Through Intensives at her own farmhouse in Drempt and at many more places on request throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Teachers and Trainers

For a specific group lizelot created a school for personal transformation. This is a 6 to 8 month training for those who are willing to go deep into the transformative work of the Moving Into Unity method. Your personal path in this work might determine or contribute to your own work as a trainer, healer or spiritual coach. The school was established in 2015 and has trained about 60 students till now.

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