The book which lead me to my sufipath – it was written by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh, who became my spiritual guide – had the title:
“In the Paradise of the Sufi’s”
Much of my journey has been about finding the true meaning and fulfilment of what this implies:

Being in paradise.

As Sufi’s, we are not waiting for a better world. We don’t believe in, or hope for a state of peace and love yet to come. Instead we learn to see things as they truly are. We fall in love with reality as it is now, and as we live this reality without questioning, without questioning if it is good or bad, right or wrong what is happening.

When we become deeply engaged with our hearts and souls, all becomes realized, it starts to shine and blossom. The divine seeds planted deeply within each of us awaken in the light of our care, attention, and appreciation.

The more we appreciate, the more all comes to flowering.
As our appreciation grows, more and more blessings are pouring down. Like rain watering our lush gardens, fertilized by the heavens.
And in this way a world turns into paradise. By the appreciated Grace of its inhabitants.