The Cosmic Body

We might know our timeless Being. There are so many records of this given in the old scriptures. All this wisdom is available to us. The essence of this life, the true beauty of the Cosmos, of being alive is shining everywhere and is described in so many beautiful books. Paintings reflecting absolute truth and timeless beauty. Music overwhelming us with this same beauty. Great, some even enlightened teachers are speaking so clearly and articulate this beautiful truth.

Yet so much remains unfulfilled when this true beauty is not fully realized. As long as we don’t feel it in all of our being, in all of our cells, we cannot trust it completely and are always afraid of losing it again.

Feeling, not in the sense of emotion, but as awareness including the very physicality of it. Embodying this knowing.

How can we truly live what we know to be real and true?

How is it possible that we know, yet surprise ourselves again and again with our behaviour not corresponding to this knowing?

We might even have had strong and beautiful experiences of awakening or even enlightenment and still keep acting so small. Why?

This shows us we are still not One with who we truly are. Our body-mind is not yet aligned with the knowing of our true nature. We still feel and act like a separate self, even though we know we are limitless consciousness in human form. This knowing only can be fully realised when the body-mind comes into alignment with its source and dissolves (back) in it. Dissolving means transformation. It doesn’t mean that the body-mind doesn’t exist anymore. Actually: it finally completely exists!

It has returned to the inherent unity with our timeless being and is not felt separate anymore.

This is how God’s will manifests on earth. There is nothing outside consciousness. But as long as we don’t include our body in this understanding it acts as a blockage. A blockage that might think of itself to be untrue.

Alignment means facing the truth of the body and seeing it as cosmic, feeling it as cosmic. Because that is the reality of our body.

As long as we don’t feel this as true, it can not be fully true to us.

On the path of non-duality some tend to want to understand the body to be an illusion and, as such, deny its existence. In this state the body will stay in the dormant, and thus ‘heavy’ state. We might feel the heaviness of the body and perceive it as an obstacle on our meditative and transcendent spiritual path.

The body feels like this: heavy, because we have not yet incarnated fully.

It is a misconception thinking to be liberated from the body by distancing ourselves from it. The sleepy body is heavy and appears as an object to us, as if it is something outside of us.

We want to reveal its cosmic nature by bringing our awareness deeply in it. Literally getting in touch with the reality of it. Then it turns to light and its cosmic nature is revealed.