Divine Passion

Contraction and Expansion: the Dance of Creation

In the non-dual teachings we often speak of the expansion, and the formless Reality.

While we know that it is not by mistake that pure consciousness contracts itself, limits itself in order to create and to experience itself in so many ways,

we tend to believe that this limiting force is unfavourable. Until we understand it as the passion with which the Divine loves its creation in taking shapes.

Passion is a feeling of a certain concentration of energy. A feeling of contraction rather then of letting go, allowing, and expanding.

Passion is the enjoyment of contraction, like in a kiss. It is the going through a portal. Each portal leading us back into expansion again.

Instead of seeing forms and shapes as blockages or limitations in which we feel captured, we can see them as portals.

When we dive deep into the stuff we are made of, we enter and pass through these portals to liberation. Taking shapes and followed by the ecstatic bursting of these bubbles back in to formlessness.

Cherishing and letting go, cherishing and letting go.

Contraction sounds like a torture, and it can feel like that as long as we are unaware of the Divine Presence and intention to create.