Healing Tango

Tango as a Spiritual Path.

Healing Tango is a bodywork method for spiritual and personal growth that Lizelot has developed over the past 20 years, based on the principles of tango.

Ever since Lizelot was born she has been searching for ways to bring her divine nature in the earthly realm of form, now she shares her wisdom and expertise on connection through the subtle body with students and clients.

A glance into this work, you might find in the following response to a question that was recently asked by one of her students:

“How can I be grounded ánd light at the same time in my dancing?”

So many times it’s been said to me: “Grounding! You múst ground yourself!”
Must? Why? And if at all: how on earth?
These words didn’t mean anything to me until from deep within the wish was born to really connect and merge. The existing methods for grounding hadn’t had any effect on me.
When once again someone stood in front of me, with wide bended legs and a big frown on the face, roaring about grounding I didn’t feel any attraction to do so. Not in that way for me.
The question was: Why do we want to be grounded?
Grounding means bonding, structure, taking form or shape, solidity, density, connecting with the physical reality, the physical body. Why would I want this when feeling so light and free?
It is so wonderful to fly, I love to fly still. Yet now I’m also able to enjoy the merging with the earth. With the warm, sweet enclosure and containment of it. I found a sensual way into the beauty of this connection, feeling myself into the physical world of the body.
And this, exactly this I gratefully owe to the Tango. 
No other path but the Tango has conquered my heart and seduced me to embrace with the earth and to be relating to this energy.
Had I perceived the earthly plane to be harsh, cold, rigid, heavy and a difficult place where all movement seems obstructed? Well: it ís, only as long as we are not awake and present here.
This would be our reality until we bring the light of our consciousness into this matter and by doing so disclose the light within, like an act of making love. Here we find ourselves, coming out of this warm darkness, as light.
And this is how grounding is giving us the energy to grow, thrive, and flourish. Giving us the wings to fly!

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