Healing Tango

The essence of Tango: Self-inquiry and Alignment.

Healing Tango is a bodywork method for spiritual embodiment that Lizelot has developed over the past 20 years, derived from the essence of tango. She created more than 20 movement-meditations which are simple and have the profound effect of awakening the spiritual body.

In this meditative work we experience our multi-dimensional being, align the personal with the Divine, going deeply within the body to go beyond and find our Self in timelessness and infinity.

The harmonious movements, executed in crystal clear and simple forms, are made to purify the physical body and liberate it from old patterns. Connecting to and expanding the energy of our Essence, which is limitless, can wash away traces of suffering stored in the body.

No dance-experience or even affinity with dance is required for this practice, which is more like a form of yoga, Qigong, and white Tantra.

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