A living practice of the Dance of duality within Unity

24 – 28 July 2024

A 5-day immersion with Meditation and Dance, deep relating on the level of the soul, Tango, joyful and playful shared experience, good organic food, walks in Nature, campfires, Mantra singing, Tandava, and Sufi-prayers.

“An invitation to move from duality into unity by lovingly relating with yourself, with each other, the world and the Source through the heart.

Feeling, literally being in touch with reality is an intimate form of knowing. In MIU we literally share feelings and gain insights into our shared being. It is a spiritual practice in front of a mirror (the reflection with your partner)

By this practice your sensitivity and the quality of your touch will surprisingly increase, as we will dive deep into the ways of transmitting and sharing our feelings.

MIU is a path of wisdom, by knowing through touch, moving and feeling, alone ánd together.

Do you recognize this?

When you are meditating, or into spiritual practice, you feel a deep peace and harmony. Yet as soon as you go out into the world or meet your partner, your peaceful state is gone…

This is exactly the reason why it is so beneficial to practice being in the state of meditation and in deep connection with the Source within you, while being in touch with ‘the outside world’ and in interaction with others.

This unique form of bodywork has a deep and lasting effect on how you relate to your self, to the other, and to the world.

Not only will you be able to liberate your self,  your body/mind of limiting patterns, you will also discover a great capacity to deal with challenges, how to live more blissfully and responsibly at the same time. This work will enable you to enjoy more fully, and appreciate all the different tastes of life.

Moving into Unity is also about unifying our own being. Gathering all of our energies, clearing and merging the oppositions within us.

Only then can we be truly present in relation to others.

A living practice of the dance of duality within unity.

The forms for studying and developing all this are:

  • Tango. The magical reality of Sharing our Feelings. The Tango, in the way we will work with it, is a miraculously powerful and transformative tool for refinement and transmutation. To learn about circular communication. Besides it is a wonderful way of expressing deep respect and love for one another. Often we lack ways of ‘making love’, other than in our sexuality. The Tango is inspiring us how to be playful with one another and experience deep intimacy and ecstasy. We literally share our feelings. It is truly practicing Life itself as a dance. It is the merging of Shiva and Shakti (in the Vertical), and the Masculine and Feminine as our two sides, right and left in the horizontal plane.
  • Torus Flow meditation
  • Tantric Practices based on Inner Fire/Tummo meditation
  • Sufi Prayers and Practices based on Tandava, Kashmir Shaivism


  • Being more independent of circumstances
  • Knowing how to use all energies in your favour, and in favour of the whole
  • Finding a natural order and clarity by tasting the purity within
  • Balancing the feminine and masculine by clearing them of negative imprints
  • Aligning your actions, your touch, your speech, your movements, your expression, with your cosmic nature
  • Unburdening your body/mind of history and gaining a new perspective, seeing all in a new light as you become more and more present.
  • Bringing the inner and the outer in accordance by which this separation ceases to exist.
  • The recognition of the one Self in others

Do you feel called to join this retreat, together with your partner? Or with a close friend?

About the teachers:

Lizelot de Stigter

Lizelot de Stigter is a spiritual teacher, using movement meditations for transmission.

From early life mystical experiences guided her on the spiritual journey, which revolves around embracing the human form and embodying the Divine.

She has dedicated her life to finding and opening pathways to align the body with the Divine, and to the transmission of the liberated state by directly moving with people and touching them on the level of essence and our shared Being.

She has been working as an internationally renowned Tango dancer and teacher.

While teaching, intimately working with about 150 students a week for 20 years, she was deeply investigating how masculine and feminine principles are merging in creation. It is the profound and refined study and transmission of true Nataraj, the Dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Jillis de Winter

Healing Tango Teacher

Manages the biodynamic farm ‘Blisveld’ with which he stimulates growth and flowering on all fronts, both in connection with nature and the earth, as well as in bringing people together.
For the past 6 years he has been using the Tango as a guide for the further embodiment and realization of his vision. Since 2017

Jillis and Lizelot  have formed a dance couple in which they celebrate their love for each other and life, by sharing Healing Tango and teaching Tango. He embodies both the pure masculine aspect and the very feminine receptive side and shows how both complement and reinforce each other, within ourselves, in the interaction with others, and in life.

Location: Organic Farm BLISVELD