Moving into Unity Workshop

Amsterdam – Oosterbeek – Zutphen

This class is a wonderful introduction to this authentic approach for spiritual embodiment and alignment, which uses the essence of Tango as a tool instead of a goal. The movement meditations are derived from this essence and purified from all cultural and style aspects of Tango. What is left is only the essential and universal which lies at the heart.

The movement meditations of Moving into Unity are found for the purpose of aligning the body-mind with the deepest knowing of our timeless being. We explore to uncover our Essence from the layers of density and conditioning stored in the body.

When we come to this alignment more and more, illusionary limitations can dissolve in the knowing of our true being.

Costs: Euro 23,- p.p.
No prior (dance-)experience is required

Amsterdam  - Saturday May 18th  2019
Location: Nautilus Zaal - Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006 - Amsterdam
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 h
Zutphen  - Saturday July 6th  2019
Location: Proeflokalen - Vispoortplein 16 - Zutphen
Time: 11 - 13:00 h