Tiny Big Master

Today was the 11th day of the 21-day challenge with Shai Tubali. We were invited to expand a moment of joy, and here is what happened to me that I wish to share as an example of what the wonderful method of Expansion can do:Meeting a tiny big master of the universeMy moment of happiness occurred during my stroll around the block, in a beautiful green neighbourhood of Berlin, when suddenly I became aware of this magnificent beetle, treading its way over the pavement, just like me.I kneeled down to see it from close and was filled with admiration and awe for this radiant, small yet so powerful creature. I followed it and united with it as it was bravely, completely autonomously crossing the pavement.In the expansion today I let my tiny big friend reappear and tears of love were flooding my cheeks as I allowed this feeling of admiration and awe to grow within me. As it expanded, the meeting with this being on the pavement became as meaningful as being in the presence of a great king, exactly like in a fairy-tale where the main character would be a poor wanderer who lived in the streets all his life, by some miracle was brought into the presence of a king and was elevated by their mutual love. Or like a spiritual wanderer meeting master Jesus. The divine presence is everywhere, within all beings. Sometimes we just have to kneel down on a pavement to meet its majesty.

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